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Online Catalogue > 4mm  > Motors, Gears etc  > Motors & Power Bogies
E. & O. E.   

LSH1024Motor H1024 (DS10) (10mm Fixing) 1.5mm Armature  14.95
LSHK1015Motor Mashima MHK1015 (8.5mm Fixing) 1.5mm Armature 18.75
LSHK1024Motor Mashima MHK1024 (8.5mm Fixing) 1.5mm Armature  18.75
LSM1220DMotor Mashima M1220D (8mm Fixing) 1.5mm Armature 20.75
LSM1224DMotor Mashima M1224D (8mm Fixing) 1.5mm Armature  20.75
LSM1620DMotor Mashima MH1620D (8 or 10mm Fixing) 2mm Armature 20.75
LSM1624DMotor Mashima MH1624D (8 or 10mm Fixing) 2mm Armature  20.75
LSM1626DMotor Mashima MH1626D (8 or 10mm Fixing) 2mm Armature 20.75
LSM1628DMotor Mashima MH1628D (8 or 10mm Fixing) 2mm Armature  20.75
LSM1833DMotor Mashima M1833 (12mm Fixing) 2mm Armature 20.75
LSTS24Tenshodo Bogie 24.5mm  33.95
LSTS26Tenshodo Bogie 26mm 33.95
LSTS28Tenshodo Bogie 28.7mm  33.95
LSTS31Tenshodo Bogie 31mm 33.95
LSTS35Tenshodo Bogie 35mm 14mm Wheels  33.95
LSTS35BTenshodo Bogie 35mm 12mm Wheels 33.95
ROW006(Romford) Frame Bush 1/8th (12) Only 0.46mm Long for use with Gear Brackets etc  1.94
E. & O. E.